What is a serial number used for?

Some manufacturers equip each of their suitcases with a unique serial number. This serial number helps to proof the authenticity of a product, prevents product piracy and allows to determine when a product has been produced and in case you purchase a product directly from the brand even when the product has been sold.

Does my suitcase have a serial number and where can I find it?

Most luggage brands opt not to engrave a unique serial number into their suitcase due to the high cost applying the serial numbers and maintaining a database of product serial numbers. For this reason serial numbers are typically only found on items with a very high price e.g. on RIMOWA suitcases which have a serial number located on the outside of the frame at the backside of the suitcase where the hinge is located.

In many cases the serial number of the item is also printed on the invoice and other purchase documents. To avoid searching for the serial number when a damage occurs you can also create a free account on suitcase.repair and save the serial number of your suitcase (all suitcase brands are supported) in case you need it to make a claim in the future.