At Suitcase.Repair we encourage customers to perform many types of repairs themselves. With many types of repairs requiring specialized tools and skilled craftsmanship customers may not have time or the necessary confidence to perform the repair by themselves.

The Suitcase.Repair network is  a great opportunity to offer luggage repair services at your store without the hassle of storing hundreds or even thousands of spare parts. No matter if you are a cobbler, shoe & leather goods repair store, locksmith or similar - offering luggage repairs at your store is a great opportunity to increase your revenue and local awareness. 

Drive More Visitors to Your Store

Joining the Suitcase.Repair network is a great opportunity not only to increase your revenue but also to attract new visitors to your business.

With many people shopping increasingly online many customers in your vicinity may not be aware of your store and the services you offer. By offering luggage repairs as an additional service customers can book your services directly on Suitcase.Repair and visit your store to perform the repair offering you the opportunity to gain a new customer and for add-on revenue.

Choose Which Services You Offer

Every member of the Suitcase.Repair network has their own capabilities and tools available. For this reason you can decide yourself which services you wish to offer to customers on Suitcase.Repair.

From routine spare part exchanges with screws to repairs for spare parts using rivets or zipper repairs you can select the services which suit you best.

Increase Your Earnings & Reduce Paperwork

Offering your services as part of the network is very easy. Register with us, select the services you wish to provide and start serving customers immediately - no special hardware or software required.

Customers pay for your service directly on Suitcase.Repair and can choose to get the required parts delivered directly to your store and can drop-off the product for repair.

At the end of each month you receive a consolidated payout and reporting of the services you have provided.

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